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•The 16 Step FixMIG to Cure Your Inner Game Issues
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•The Secret to Emotional Clearing Video

•Impossible Healing .pdf & .mp3

•Sexual Behavior & Media Awareness: Fantasy vs. Reality Video

•Breaking the Limits of Inner & Outer Game Video


These will help you to resolve the issues that have caused the levels of personal and sexual issues that you're experiencing; anxiety, unworthiness, intimidation...


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The FixMIG Program (Combo'd with Your Surprise Bonus Below) is the one-stop solution to finally resolve all of your inner game, sexual and emotional issues with women, CHANGE YOUR SEXUAL REALITY and to become naturally confident with women.


If you DON'T want to be a part of the program and just want to fix your inner game issues on your own without support or the intensive training, then let me know via email (rion @ within 3 days that you want OUT and you still get your initial content including updates. 


So What Is 'Fix My Inner Game'?


It's a special 5 month online, immersive training and interactive program that will effectively help you to fix ALL of your lifetime Inner Game, sexual and emotional limitations, blocks and issues with women, attraction, sex and living in a lower level of sexual reality. 


You get ALL of the training and tools necessary that are guaranteed to resolve your issues +:


•Ongoing Video Training modules (including the expansion of EACH of the 16 actual power steps to cure your inner game)..dozens of hours total

•Exclusive, Invaluable Forum for interact with Rion & other members

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•Custom Resources

•Custom Sexual Tapping Scripts

•Conference calls

•Custom Video responses

•Lifetime access to content after 5 months including all future posts

•Share stories & successes with your peers in a secure, supportive environment

•Access to Class 1's students for questions, interaction & mentorship


The only solution of it's kind for effectively clearing & releasing everything practically that is holding you back from the reality of a higher, natural sexual experience


You also get interactivity, immersion and custom-tailored training as we go to help the group and you overcome your own PERSONAL blocks and issues WHATEVER they are. 


"It was truly an honor to meet MEN who strive to be better humans... Meeting Rion was amazing and I have much respect for his cause and for him as a person. We are amongst greatness here."  -Rishi

"FixMIG is the best program Rion has ever done. His programs had great content before but sometimes you didn't understand exactly what he meant and you didn't really know how to apply it. I knew he was on to something with the sex maps the first time I read it. These are the steps and clarity we were missing before. All the naysayers out there dissing Rion just don't understand him. They don't understand NG or polarity or the maps that have influenced them. Hell, I'm still learning new things everyday. Most of this isn't even "Rion's" material. He's just showing us nature which has been there all along.

Funny thing is, I almost didn't sign up for this program because it had inner game in the name. I thought Rion had lost it. haha. Man am I glad I did. The program has been worth 5x what I paid. I'm not perfect but the progress I've made is astounding. Before I couldn't even be comfortable in public because I thought I was a failure.." - Duca

"I'm very impressed with these scripts...theyre very concise and seem to be affecting me for the good...which is awesome!" - Risingfire


Just sign up below and you win either way.


NOW: +Full Access 'Sexual Awakening' Coaching & Training: 5 Months Free



+ You Get Full Access to 'Sexual Awakening' (And Holistic Awakening) as part of this paid program and your membership fee (after the $1 trial).  This training is very important for your growth and is the real secret to my own success.  If you stay with it after 5 months, it's still HALF off for you as a previous FixMIG member!



Sexual Awakening is part of Holistic Awakening group online coaching program which itself is $97/mo. but you get free it as part of this program for the 1st 5 months because this training is really important for your metamorphoses into confidence and power around women.  Afterwards, it's only $67/mo. only $47/mo. if you want to stay with it.  You can of course cancel anytime.  No further obligation.

You can cancel @ anytime to not be charged any further. 

Latest possible refund by request for either FixMIG or HolAwould be for the last month paid in full.

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